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Heal Yourself
You Heal the World 

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health

Tonic herbalism, often called adaptogens, are the most sophisticated herbal system in the world.  They are a select group of herbs, including some mushrooms, which support the core foundation of health on physical, mental, spiritual & emotional levels. 


They are designated as “intelligent” in the classification of herbalism, which means they operate and are experienced differently within each person, since they directly attune to individual imbalances, deficiencies, excesses and energetic pathways in the body. 


Renown herbalist, David Winston describes an adaptogen with this example: “…if the immune system is depressed, adaptogens enhance the immune response. If the immune system is overactive—for instance with allergies—adaptogens help re-regulate the immune response, decreasing overactivity.” So adaptogens facilitate these changes through a wide range of actions, rather than one specific action.”

Many classic herbs are designed to perform the same mechanism of action for everyone, which illustrates why adaptogens are classified as intelligent.  


Adaptogens are used to promote overall well-being, boost energy, restore vitality, nourish us with adaptive strength and help raise the body’s ability to deal with the effects of stress and anxiety. Adaptogens help one to,’’adapt’ , while protecting the body from free-radical damage, due to their high levels of antioxidants. They are an ancient wisdom that supports modern health. And, as an added bonus, they have no harmful side effects!


Tonic herbs do not over-stimulate the body, rather their  intelligence restores and maintains homeostasis in the body. Tonics increase energy through organic, metabolic means which is the opposite of energy induced by caffeine. 

Adaptogens increase the body’s ability to build muscle and/or lose weight. 

Tonics regulate and balance the digestion processes and work to purify on a cellular level.

Everyone can experience the benefits of adaptogens. In some cases, the benefits may be blatantly profound and felt instantaneous, while for others, the influence may be subtle with cumulative effects developing strongly over time. 


 Traditionally, these herbs were often incorporated into one’s meals, cooked into soups, sprinkled into food, or made into syrups and elixirs. One can take them as capsules and tinctures as well.


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