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The Zen Of Wolves

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The Birth of Kissa Wolf ~

Kendra started making mud pies at 4, which was the start of her kitchen witchery and innate knowledge of earth as medicine.
Her love for artistry, alchemy, animals and consciousness blossomed as she was orphaned and homeless by 15 years old. It was at this time, she experienced the pitfalls of patriarchy and its entirely broken matrix. She became an emancipated child in an unemancipated society. It would be creativity, consciousness, humor and wolves that saved her.

At 18 while traveling across the county, Kendra got her first wolfdog, which would start the next 25 years of her life of literally being raised by wolves.
They taught her the integrity she sought in the world and spoke a language she understood.They nurtured her, when humanity eluded her.

In her 20’s, Kendra’s studies took her around the world, including living in a Buddhist Nunnery in Nepal and Tibet. In her quest for consciousness and healing deep trauma, she left no stone unturned and trained in clinical psychology, metaphysics and world traditions of healing. She did anthropological field research on medicine men and women who performed divinations and puja's that equated into miraculous healing. Kendra went on to work  as an intake clinician with "at-risk" youths needing emergency placement. Much like many in human services, she burned out and saw the fallacies of the system. Kendra turned her focus to opening 5 restaurants in 13 years from the ground up. That essentially led to further burn out and at 28, Kendra developed severe health problems, and a host of neurological symptoms that no one could seem to figure out. She had the perfect trifecta of issues: structural, systemic and trauma, which made diagnostics and treatment challenging.

This started her quest to uncover what would prove to be a complex medical case, trauma from birth, a genetic connective tissue disorder, coupled with Lyme disease, heavy metal poisoning, inability to detox and cranial instability. These ailments, along with a host of other diagnostics like upper thoracic outlet syndrome, cervical dystonia, EBV(Epstein Bar Virus) and on the list went. On the practitioners, protocols and searching went.

The allopathic model failed Kendra numerous times, and in this failing, an integrated practitioner was born. Kendra trained in Nutrition, Detox Coaching, Quantum Medicine, Energy Medicine, Herbalism, Cranial Temple Activation and numerous other modalities.She began to love and see astounding benefits in frequency medicine and a deeper understanding how trauma accounts for so much imbalance in the body, but is completely overlooked and unheld by and large in our society. Kendra's own quest for healing led her to the Deep Jungle of the Amazon to work with indigenous plant medicine, which saved her soul and activated her spirit, where she would continue her long found prayer to be in service to the world.

Kendra continued to devote her life to art, and learning how to get out of the emotional body and into the infinite wisdom of the energetic body. It is here that she found her genius codes, and crossed the threshold out of her wounded maiden into her archetypal mother medicine.
She lives in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains, advocating for true sovereignty, raising two vital, wild boys, three wolfdogs, two chihuahuas, and two hairless alien cheetahs. Kendra privately consults with those struggling with emotional and physical ailments. She is the owner of Wolf Zen, a New Earth Food and Artisan Apothecary, which is dedicated to activationism, shadow alchemy and building templates for new earth systems.

~Gallery of the Absurd~
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