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~Activate ~ 
choose health and Eat Your cake too!

Scrumptious Desserts are our delivery system of Nutrients~
our Artistry. 
That's what makes it genius.
you can have your cake and EAT it too!

True Health Tastes!
We source the highest quality, Organic &  bioavailable  ingredients, superfoods, adaptogens, enzymes  & More
we make medicinal, living Desserts that

on a cellular level. 
We LOVE conscious, nutrient dense dessert.
That's why we take out all the gluten,
dairy, soy, and refined sugar.
and add in
Feed Your cells* Activate* uplevel* begenius ~
in the artistry of your life
be the zen of wolf
Eat & BE  


inquire for private Orders, Or wholesale~

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