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Chocolate Apothecary

Yes! You read that right....Chocolate in its raw, unheated, unprocessed form is medicinal, then add in some superfoods, probiotics and micronutrients and you have BLISS!


Did you know….?


Raw cacao is one of the most mineral rich, highest antioxidant substances on the planet, and full of feel good nutrients.

Cacao is one of the highest magnesium sources

(over 80% of Americans are deficient)

contains iron, chromium, manganese, zinc, PEA (the adrenal related chemical our bodies produce when we fall in LOVE), anadamide (the bliss chemical), vitamin C, tryptophan, and amino acids- just to name a few!

Wolf Zen chocolate is, power packed with nutrients, love, and is completely organic, gluten free, dairy free, soy free and sweetened using coconut.


We offer seasonal varieties in addition to our main bars, so check back frequently!

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