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Activate & Alchemize


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Embark on our services to enhance your natural intelligence and physical capabilities as we navigate this new world.


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Explore our products handmade with love created with artistry and integrity meant to increase natural nutrients and conciousness.

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Word for Words

Engage as we share unconventional viewpoints, discussions, and conscious  healthy thinking. 

Welcome to wolf zen

You are entering a portal of magic, creation, expansion and artistry that commands your consciousness. Among these pages is an invite to the deepest levels of activation, further inviting you to alchemize out of the shadows and into your genius, through superfood nutrition, quantum healing, cellular health, artisanship, connection and elevation. Shop our online store, experience new earth coding modalities, community events, retreat space and the the building of new earth templates in all of their expansion.

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New earth coding is true integrated wellness and consciousness of the greatest depths. We offer classes and Individual sessions to teach modalities like apothecary building, raising super humans, body oracle readings, maiden to mother medicine recoding, shadow alchemy, 4th trimester support and activating out of the emotional body and into the inherent wisdom of the energetic body. New earth coding, recodes your blueprint of consciousness and allows for an entirely new operating system. Are you ready to up level?

New Earth Coding


Visit Casa nola

Welcome to Casa Nola~ an Appalachian portal offering a mountain reprieve. We are an organic homestead that houses multiple dwellings including a cottage and tiny house available for short term rentals and retreats, offering the zen of wolf. Our resident wolfdogs imprint their own medicine upon this land as our gravity fed, mountain spring water nourishes all those who visit. During the  warmer months organic fruit and nut trees produce in wild abundance.  We have a seasonal calendar of events to support soveregnity, council and consciousness.

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